Pikkunorssi for families

Early Childhood and Teacher Education Centre (ECTEC) Rauman pikkunorssi is an Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centre that started in January 2021. Rauman pikkunorssi provides research-based early childhood education and pre-primary education for 115 children in modern, versatile, and adaptable learning environments. The facilities of Rauman pikkunorssi are designed to support child-centred and functional pedagogy.

Private Early childhood education at Pikkunorssi is offered with private service voucher after obtaining an early childhood education place and writing a service contract with Pikkunorssi. You can read more about service voucher at Rauma’s website

Rauma website

Rauman pikkunorssi can be applied all year round. An application for Pikkunorssi must be submitted no later than four months before the care is hoped to begin. If the need for care is urgent and/or rises due to employment, studying or education, an early childhood education place must be applied for as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks before the need for care begins.

On 31 December 2023, Pikkunorssi will be transferred to the ownership of the city of Rauma. 
The transition will not cause any changes for the children or their guardians.

Apply for ECEC place here

Our prices according to the monthly daycare hours:

The fee in Pikkunorssi is 10 € per month larger than the fee in municipal early chilhood education (to cover expencesequipment rental, special materials and equipments). To define the value of the service voucher, the family must also supply their income information to early childhood education services  to Rauma city early childhood.

Pikkunorssi receives a notification about the value of the service voucher, but we will not receive any data about the family’s income. Pikkunorssi defines the child’s customer fee based on the value of the service voucher.

Pikkunorssi´s surcharge 20 € / month covers part of the material costs of emphasizing environmental pedagogical skills and art subjects (eg materials, equipments) is added  to monthly.


Your feedback is important to us. Direct feedback helps us improve our service. Feedback can be given directly to the staff or the director of the Pikkunorssi. We prefer written feedback. In some very serious cases parents also has the right to make a reminder to the person in charge of the office of the official in charge of early childhood education ( Section 54 oh the Early chhildhood education Act).


Children are precious; this one sentence contains Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centre Rauman pikkunorssi’s entire mission. We are here for children. Life at our ECEC centre is calm and safe, and children’s needs always come first.  Furthermore, days here are filled with diverse activities, inspiration, different learning environments – positive experiences for children. We encourage children to discover their strengths. Each child is heard as themselves with an aim to preserve their exuberance and courage to experiment. We apply the latest ECEC research results and skills at our centre, since our ECEC staff is highly trained and we work in close collaboration with the Rauma unit of the Department of Teacher Education of the University of Turku as well as with the Rauma Teacher Training School.

Reciprocal activities

The activities at Pikkunorssi are transparent and the cooperation with parents and guardians reciprocal. It is very important for us to receive feedback from families, and we welcome new ideas for activities. The ECEC research is also fruitful for families: we tell about the purposes and aims of studies and present the results in our joint meetings. Families are a significant and important part of Pikkunorssi’s activities.

Rauman pikkunorssi’s premises

Rauman pikkunorssi provides group premises for under 3-year-olds and 3-5-year-olds and for children in pre-primary education (6-year-olds) as well as teaching for special needs education in a small group. Pikkunorssi is fully accessible. The corridors are wide, and the indoor and outdoor spaces are modern and comfortable with excellent facilities.

  1. Indoor physical education

The spacious gym hall features various activity boards and sports equipment for exercise, games, play, dance, drama, and various other fun and educational activities.  One of its specialities is a nest swing for children to relax in. Many of the spaces have wall bars. The wide and spacious corridors offer an area for a variety of activities, such as puppet shows.

  1. Premises for artistic and practical subjects

We focus on artistic and practical subjects based on each child’s strengths and motivation. Our aim is to encourage children to experiment in a supportive atmosphere, to gain experiences through new concepts. The premises for artistic and practical subjects include an

  • activity space for practising crafts
  • activity space with kitchen facilities for children’s baking and the practice of easy domestic chores
  • activity space for visual arts education such as drawing, painting and design

Rauman pikkunorssi is located at the university campus, and we have the use of the garden, which is maintained by the Department of Teacher Education and works as a rich learning environment for children.

Long and safe learning path

Rauman pikkunorssi offers the opportunity for continuum from early childhood education to pre-primary education and basic education. It provides children with a safe and cohesive growing and learning path as well as a chance to develop long-term relationships.


Through our collaboration with the Department of Teacher Education of the University of Turku and Rauma’s Teacher Training School, we receive the most up-to-date ECEC research results and apply it to our day-to-day activities. However, at the centre of all our activities is the children’s day-to-day life. Our staff has the motivation and desire to work for the benefit of children and simultaneously develop ECEC and their own competence. Teacher trainees and researchers work and carry out their research for the common interest of ECEC; individual children are not the object of their research. We keep parents up to date of the events at Rauman pikkunorssi; research and its results provide a wealth of new information on ECEC for parents as well. More information on the development work is available here.

You can ask for more information from Anne Toivonen, the director of Rauman pikkunorssi, whose contact details are available here.