Below you can see the ongoing and starting projects that are facilitated in Rauman pikkunorssi:


KIDISAFE – safety and security for early childhood education

1.8.2020 – 30.3.2022

KIDISAFE web page


Development teaching practice guidance in changing learning environments in Early Childhood Teacher Education – OHOSKE

1.3.2021 – 31.12.2022

OHOSKE web page


VAKAA johtaja – muuttuva ympäristö varhaiskasvatuksen johtamisentäydennyskoulutushanke

2021 – 2022

VAKAA johtaja web page (will be updated)


KARUSELLI – tartutaan lasten hyvinvointihaasteisiin

2020 – 2022

KARUSELLI web page


Pikkunorssi project


The aim of Pikkunorssi project, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, was to develop the concept of university-based Early Childhood Education and Care centre (Rauman pikkunorssi) at the Rauma Campus of the Department of Teacher Education. Also, the continuing training of in-service teachers and special education teachers in Early Childhood Education and Care was developed and piloted.