Due to the weakened coronavirus situation in Satakunta and Rauma, the Rauman Pikkunorssi add restrictions on its operations. These instructions are valid until further notice.

Arrival of the Pikkunorssi in the morning:

  • Reserve time when bringing the child to kindergarten.
  • Bring your child to the first hallway of his or her own group, regardless of the starting time of daycare.
  • Parents are only allowed to move to the child’s own group first hallway.
  • Only two parents at a time. Please remember the safety distance of 2 meters.
  • Indoors, our strong recommendation is to use a mask.
  • Parents come to the hall with a code, wash their own hands and take off their children’s outwear and leave them in the hall. An employee of your childs group receives the child at the door between the hallway and the hangers.
  • An employee of the child’s own group takes the clothes off the floor and takes them to the hanger. The child’s hands are washed at this point.
  • Unfortunately, walking through Pikkunorssi or using the entrance door of a group other than the child’s own is no longer allowed.

Pick up before where are outside at afternoon:

  • During the day, we anticipate applications according to the stated daycare times so that your child is as ready as possible when you are picking up your child.
  • When you arrive to pick up your child, ring the doorbell next to the front door. If necessary, you can call your child’s group phone number (see the numbers below)
  • When your child arrives in the first hallway, you can come to the hall with a code to receive him. At this point, we tell you the news of the day and possibly deliver some items to home.

Pick up from outside:

  • We keep a safety distance of 2 meters for you.
  • We do not make login or logouts with Daisy tags. Remember to ask the employee to log the child in and out.
  • We ask bigger siblings who are not in the Pikkunorssi to wait at the entrance gate or in the car.

Contacts and communication with parents:

  • We want to maintain open and close contact with guardians. You can reach us via Daisy messages, text messages and by calling the group’s phone numbers.
  • Outside, we are happy to talk to you about your child’s day.
  • If you wish, you can arrange a remote connection or a call for the employees of your child’s group.

Group phone numbers:

  • Nuput: 0503226343
  • Silmut: 0504948362
  • Taimet: 0504421128
  • Versot: 0503071613
  • Naavat: 0503245419