ECTEC Rauman pikkunorssi

Early Childhood and Teacher Education Centre (ECTEC) Rauman pikkunorssi is an Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centre that started in January 2021. Rauman pikkunorssi provides research-based early childhood education and pre-primary education for 115 children in modern, versatile, and adaptable learning environments. The facilities of Rauman pikkunorssi are designed to support child-centred and functional pedagogy.

Rauman pikkunorssi is located on the Rauma campus of University of Turku and near the Rauma normaalikoulu Teacher Training School. Hence, it provides a safe and cohesive path of growth and learning between early childhood education, pre-primary education, and basic education. Rauman pikkunorssi implements environmental pedagogy with a focus on art and physical education and emphasises holistic learning that integrates multiple learning environments. This is made possible by a culturally valuable and interesting campus area.

Rauman pikkunorssi collaborates with the Department of Teacher Education in the field of research, teaching, and teaching practice of pre-service teachers and in-service teachers. By collaboration, the use of the latest research in early childhood education is possible. The aim of Rauman pikkunorssi is to develop an international and multidisciplinary centre of early childhood education.

Rauman pikkunorssi focuses on cooperation with families. With this, children and their parents will play a key role in planning, implementing, and evaluating the activities of Rauman pikkunorssi.

Rauman pikkunorssi is a private service voucher ECEC centre. Service vouchers can be ordered from the city of Rauma.

On 31st December Pikkunorssi will be one of Rauma munincipal daycarecenters.